How to Book a Place

Our online booking system will be available from mid-January 2019 until 0700 Friday 29 March 2019 (the "booking deadline").

Register your details by clicking login in the menu to the left. You will be sent an acknowledgment email which you need to respond to, to authenticate yourself.

When authenticated, you will be given your unique SRW reference number, SRWxxxx, where xxxx is a four digit number. Make a note of this to use in all correspondence.

Revisit using the link in the email or login using the menu to the left. Provided you agree to the Terms & Conditions, fill in the required information and send off your deposit or full amount, preferably by electronic bank transfer, quoting your reference number.

When we receive and acknowledge payment by email, your place will be booked on the weekend.

At any time until the booking deadline you can login to view and update certain details including payments, and send messages to the SRW team. After the booking deadline, this will be restricted to viewing details and sending messages only.

Terms and Conditions

Over the years we have had many requests from students for clarification of booking policies etc. We have now collated the results of these into one Terms and Conditions document, which we ask students to read and agree to before their booking can be processed. We appreciate that this may make us look like a commercial organisation (which we're not) but we believe it is in the best interests of both the organisers and the students to make these things clear.

(And besides, they are not nearly as long as a typical set of commercial terms and conditions). You must read the terms and conditions before booking - you can download them any time by clicking here or on the bookings page. Proceeding with booking indicates you accept the Terms and Conditions.

Your data

  • DataConfidentiality.pdfThe Science Revision team takes great care to ensure your personal data is secure. More details in this pdf-file.43 KB