What is the SRW?

The Science Revision Weekend (SRW) is an annual event run by volunteers that offers Open University science students an opportunity to revise their course material and prepare for the exams. Tuition and guidance is provided by tutors in a traditional classroom environment.

It consists of a series of separate course-specific sessions running in parallel over a weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. There are nine 1.5 hour revision sessions for each of a number of science courses.

Who We Are

The SRW is run by a small group of volunteers. It has no formal connection with the Open University or any other official body. It is informally supported by the OU, Alchemy (the OU Chemistry Society) and Fusion (the OU Physics & Astronomy Society) but is entirely separate from all these bodies.

We have a very small financial reserve, but no funding other than the fees students pay in order to attend the event.

In order to protect the volunteers from personal liability, the organising committee have registered as a not-for-profit company to run the event, Science Revision Ltd, and have obtained charitable status.

It is hoped that our new charitable status will allow us to reduce the cost to students.

What You Pay For

About 78% of the standard weekend fee you pay us goes to the venue, and covers your accommodation and food, together with the hire of the teaching rooms and equipment. A further 18% goes towards the tutors' fee, accommodation, food and expenses. The remainder (about 4%) pays for us to provide organisers at the event, and covers expenses such as photocopying, guests and lecturers, as well as covering all expenses required to keep the organisation going through the year and to plan future Science Revision Weekends.

Future Revision Weekends

We are committed in the long run to continuing to provide a service as OU exams migrate from October to June. For the first time in the history of the SRW we ran two Weekends in 2014: May and September.

We migrated to May-only in 2015 and onwards we will run one annual event, in May.