Courses Covered - May

We propose to cover the following courses:

  • T213   Energy and Sustainability
  • TD223  Making Sense of a Changing World
  • S209  Earth Science
  • S215   Chemistry: Essential Concepts
  • S217   Physical World
  • S294   Cell Biology
  • S315    Chemistry: Further Concepts
  • S317    Biological Science
  • SK320  Infectious Disease and Public Health
  • SK299 Human Biology
  • SD329  Signals and Perception: the Science of the Senses
  • SM358  Quantum World
  • SMT359 Electromagnetism
  • S382    Astrophysics
  • S383    The Relativistic Universe

Subject to student numbers and tutor availability.

There will be nine 1.5 hour revision sessions for each course running in parallel throughout the Weekend (see also the example timetable)

We would also be prepared to cover/substitute other courses if there is sufficient demand from students, and provided we can find a tutor; contact us if you have a suggestion for a course and tutor.

Studying multiple courses

The booking process requires a choice as to which is your prime choice of course to revise or prepare for at the Weekend. If you are studying more than one course and wish to miss sessions in your prime choice and instead attend sessions for another course that is running that Weekend, this may be possible by arrangement during the Weekend. Please be aware that session content is sometimes altered to fit students' requirements during the first session, so planning which other course sessions to attend may be difficult ahead of time.

To move sessions you first need to obtain the consent of both your prime course tutor and the tutor for the sessions you wish to join during the weekend. You should also obtain any relevant course notes provided by the Tutor to ensure you can participate fully. There may be a small charge for these if additional copies need printing. During that process we also need to be mindful of regulations prohibiting exceeding room capacities. If consents are given, please also inform a member of the organising committee so that we know where you are in case of an emergency or fire evacuation.

When changing between courses, please at all times be mindful of any possible disruption to other students only studying the one course.


With the tutor's permission, study/course notes may be obtained for other than your prime course. There may be a small charge for these if additional copies need printing and depending on demand, these may be posted to you after the weekend.